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Production of electric mopeds began

Elektra has started production of electric mopeds. According to the manufacturer, the first electric mopeds are to undergo intensive quality tests to ensure the quality of the products and to test the electric mopeds in different environments and situations. In this way, Elektra Motorcycles’ customers can be sure that the products meet strict quality requirements and are also safe and modern.

Electric mopeds are also to be used for market research. Launching a new brand is not an easy challenge for anyone, the foundation requires intensive market research as well as consumer opinions about the products. To this end, separate test driving sessions may be organized, where all those who wish can test the electric moped if they so wish. These will be announced later.

Elektra is scheduled to receive the first batch of electric mopeds at the turn of August-September. The actual sale of electric mopeds will start as soon as the electric mopeds have passed the strict quality requirements.

The challenges of the future partly still unknown

While it is clear that transport culture and vehicles are constantly evolving towards lower emissions, there is much room for improvement in the manufacturing processes themselves, as well as in some products. Elektra is aware of the contradictions inherent in lithium batteries concerning production methods and does its best to ensure that the batteries are manufactured as ethically as possible. This is not always an easy equation, suppliers may not tell the whole truth and naturally want to make a profit in their business as well.

In the future, we may face other challenges that we cannot even imagine at the moment. We at Elektra are not afraid of challenges, we accept them with open arms. Elektra closely monitors the industry and its development and reacts to changes with the necessary strength so that Elektra’s customers can continue to be sure that their choice is an ethical and environmentally friendly choice that is sustainable.

“Our values include responsibility, doing sustainable business. Our pricing has also been thought of so that as many people as possible can afford our products, without compromising on quality.” Says the company founder, Victor Arranz Lausas.

Electric mopeds cannot yet be purchased directly from brick and mortar stores, but mopeds can already be ordered directly from the importer in advance, with a pre-order advantage at a reduced price.

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