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When the goal is more than just a destination.

Elektra Vagabond

Electric motorcycle made for the road

7 995

+ VAT & Licencing

L3e motorcycle with 12kW peak power and the power-weight ratio to match the combustion engine rivals. Up to 200km range and a top speed of 120km/h.

The desire to get on the road is overwhelming. The burn in the veins that gets you every time. Freedom. The possibilities. Be one with the road, with a motorcycle that delivers.

We live in a jittery world; there are so many demands for our attention. If you are a person in a relationship with kids, a family, a job and ambitions, it may at times feel that everything you do is at the service of someone or something else – that every action you take is directed by something external.

On a motorcycle, it’s just you inside that helmet. You are in control of you, totally and completely. You feel the immediacy of your actions and decisions. The zen state pushes away anxiety about deadlines and bills to pay, and whether that girl at Starbucks was flirting when she told you to have a nice day.

It’s not selfishness, but simply the realisation of the fullness of yourself. On a motorcycle, you feel like a complete human being, not an insignificant part of something else. And with this knowledge you’ll find your interactions with your partner, kids, family, job, ambitions and so on, will improve.

Choose wisely. Choose a far less anxious lifestyle. Choose yourself. Choose freedom. Choose Elektra Vagabond.

  • CBS (Combined Braking System)
  • Digital Instruments
  • Glove Storage
  • Hydraulic Suspension in Rear
  • Inverted Hydraulic Suspension in Front
  • LED Daylight Driving Light
  • Mud Flap in Front
  • Mud Flap in Rear
  • Power Select Switch
  • Removeable Battery
  • Reverse Gear
  • Side View Mirrors
  • Storage Space Under Seat
  • Turning Signals
  • Ventilated Disc Brakes in Front
  • Ventilated Disc Brakes in Rear


Commuter Traveller Adventurer
Length 2 150mm 2 150mm 2 150mm
Width 785mm 785mm 785mm
Height 1 325mm 1 325mm 1 325mm
Wheelbase 1 560mm 1 560mm 1 560mm
Net Weight (w/o battery) 120kg 120kg 120kg
Tyres (F/R) 120/70-13" & 130/70-13" 120/70-13" & 130/70-13" 120/70-13" & 130/70-13"



Commuter Traveller Adventurer
Motor 3000W 6000W 6000W
Controller 300A 600A 600A
Voltage 72V 72V 72V
Peak Power 5000W (21600W) 12000W (43200W) 12000W (43200W)
Top Speed
80km/h 120km/h 120km/h
Torque 52,8Nm 52,8Nm 52,8Nm
Climbing 35% 35% 35%
CBS Brakes (F/R) Hydraulic Ventilated Disc / Hydraulic Ventilated Disc Hydraulic Ventilated Disc / Hydraulic Ventilated Disc Hydraulic Ventilated Disc / Hydraulic Ventilated Disc
Shocks (F/R) Inverted Hydraulic / Hydraulic Inverted Hydraulic / Hydraulic Inverted Hydraulic / Hydraulic
Battery Portable 40Ah Lithium Fixed 80Ah Lithium Fixed 125Ah Lithium
Range * 90km 150km 200km
Charging Time Support 3h Fast Charging Support 5h Fast Charging Support 6,5h Fast Charging


Commuter Traveller Adventurer
Price Starting From 7 995€ 9 995€ 10 895€

Factory Options

Commuter Traveller Adventurer Price
Extra Portable 40Ah Lithium Battery o x x 1499€
Shad Rear Boxes o o o 299€
Bluetooth Speaker x o o 199€
Global GPS x o o 249€

o = Option
x = Unavail

Climbing rate tested on 90kg driver load, 50% of top speed.
(* The battery life and operating range of electric vehicles are affected by many external factors, significantly more than with conventional internal combustion engine-driven vehicles. The driving distance promised by the manufacturer has often been tested at the same driving speed without severe accelerations and braking, on a level surface and at a temperature optimal for the batteries. In addition to the above-mentioned driving speed and terrain topography, the operating radius is affected by the battery and outdoor temperature, the load and also the air resistance.)
Model: Vagabond
Body Style: Maxi Scooter
Category: L3e
Price From: 7 995€
Drivetrain: Electric
Transmission: Automatic
Engine: 6000W
Max Range: 200km
Peak Power: 12000W
Torque: 52,8Nm
Battery: Removable
Brakes: Disc / Disc
Suspension: Hydraulic
Weight: 120kg
Tyres: 120/70-13" & 130/70-13"
Climbing: 35%

Price listed is the starting price of the basic model, view variants for more detailed info. All prices shown exclude VAT. Additional accessories may appear in the pictures.

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