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Elektra KiDirt

Caution! Not for public roads!

1 495

+ VAT & Licencing

KiDirt is for offroad use only. Cannot be registered for public road use.

Kids love to blast away in the pit with this monster. There isn’t any better feeling than to see the joy on your children’s face when you take him or her to drive in the afternoon. What can we say, this is the perfect machine to teach them how to drive.

KiDirt isn’t meant for public roads and cannot be registered for such. This is a dirtbike for children to learn how to drive, to learn motocross and to develop the driving skills with.

Elektra KiDirt (Kids Dirtbike) is the ultimate fun for the family. Remember to pack a snack with you too, as you won’t be getting the kids away from the pit until the battery runs out.

CAUTION! KiDirt is not recommended for parents who don’t want to spend time with their families.

  • Hydraulic Suspension in Rear
  • Inverted Hydraulic Suspension in Front
  • Mud Flap in Front
  • Mud Flap in Rear
  • Ventilated Disc Brakes in Front
  • Ventilated Disc Brakes in Rear


Classic Active
Length 1 400mm 1 400mm
Width 650mm 650mm
Height 870mm (Seat Height 650mm) 870mm (Seat Height 650mm)
Wheelbase 1 000mm 1 000mm
Net Weight (w/o battery) - -
Tyres (F/R) 2.75-12" & 3.0-10" Tubeless 2.75-12" & 3.0-10" Tubeless



Classic Active
Motor 1000W 1000W
Controller - -
Voltage 36V 36V
Peak Power - -
Top Speed
30km/h 30km/h
Torque - -
Climbing - -
Brakes (F/R) Ventilated Disc / Ventilated Disc Ventilated Disc / Ventilated Disc
Shocks (F/R) Inverted Hydraulic / Inverted Hydraulic Inverted Hydraulic / Inverted Hydraulic
Battery Fixed 12Ah Gel Fixed 20Ah Lithium
Range * 20km 40km
Charging Time 6h 6h


Classic Active
Price Starting From 1 495€ 1 995€

(* The battery life and operating range of electric vehicles are affected by many external factors, significantly more than with conventional internal combustion engine-driven vehicles. The driving distance promised by the manufacturer has often been tested at the same driving speed without severe accelerations and braking, on a level surface and at a temperature optimal for the batteries. In addition to the above-mentioned driving speed and terrain topography, the operating radius is affected by the battery and outdoor temperature, the load and also the air resistance.)
Model: KiDirt
Body Style: Offroad
Price From: 1 495€
Drivetrain: Electric
Transmission: Automatic
Engine: 1000W
Max Range: 40km
Battery: Fixed
Brakes: Disc / Disc
Suspension: Hydraulic
Tyres: 2.75-12" & 3.0-10"

Price listed is the starting price of the basic model, view variants for more detailed info. All prices shown exclude VAT. Additional accessories may appear in the pictures.

The accuracy of the information must always be verified with the seller.

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