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Elektra Coco

Simply Coco Redefined!

With a speed of 45 km/h and a range of up to 50 kilometres, Elektra Coco is an undisputed winner in its class.

Motor with peak power up to 4800W provides quiet and comfortable driving through the traffic jam in the urban city traffic. It brings you to the destination without loss of performance in slopes up to 11,3°, approximately 20%.

Detachable lithium battery makes your life even more convenient. You can recharge at the office or your own home. Effective disk brakes at both, front and rear make the Coco stop when you need it to. Hydraulic suspension in front and rear guarantees smooth and comfortable ride all the way.

Aluminium alloy rims are durable, lightweight and good looking. Aluminium alloy rims paired with the 215/40-13” fat tires and this beast is ready for the action. Chopper style rear fender houses a stylish rear light, under which is a place for register plate. [...]


We are currently looking for distributors worldwide

If you are a distributor and want Elektra models for your portfolio, please contact us with background information and our sales team will take the lead.

Large orders:
If you are a company or an organisation looking for an electric fleet, contact us with your details and our sales team is more than happy to continue it from there.

Non-profit organisations:
If your organisation works for a cause we can support and relate to, we will provide you with the fleet for a discount. Contact our superb sales team with your details and story and our sales team is more than happy to discuss the possibilities.

We provide also OEM & ODM custom services for large quantities. Contact the management for more information.

Elektra MSS

Sporty electric scooter with portable battery

Excellent moped to get to know the electric mobility world. Not too powerful, the driver is always in control, while driving is still pleasing and effortless.

Add some fun into your life, Elektra MSS (Moped Scooter Sport) is a true joy to drive. Recharge your mobile phone while driving, no more “I ran out of battery” -excuses from your teens either!

Remove the battery for more convenient recharge indoors at your office or at home overnight. If you drive very much, you can always purchase multiple batteries and keep the spare batteries charging. Changing the battery is really effortless, so you don’t have to let a battery limit your freedom!

Elektra MSS is a modern, stylish and easy-to-use sporty electric moped with good looks, backrest for rear passenger safety and removable battery.

You can also easily carry a school back bag or a shopping bag with it, it has a separate hanging hook in [...]

Elektra Ranger

1500W and up to 80km range keeps you going

Ranger features 130/90 – 10″ tires that are great for riding on the road in rough terrain. Whether there is a lot of potholes or some snow on the ground, these tires will give you the stability to ensure you ride straight and safe.

Elektra Ranger comes with both, front and rear ventilated hydraulic disc brakes for the highest performance in stopping power. Make sure that you come to a stop in time with these brakes to ensure safe and smart riding.

If you’re looking for an electric moped that won’t get intimidated by the forces of nature, an electric moped that takes you effortlessly even on those slippery and muddy forest paths or if you’re looking for just an all-year-round commuting vehicle, Ranger is the right choice for you.

With 1500W power, this moped moves an adult effortlessly and Ranger won’t leave you sliding in slippery slopes. Continue your journey where others have to [...]

Elektra Rapide

Urban delivery made fast, fun and easy

Rapide is suitable for both, food and small parcel delivery. Customise with advertisements for a more professional look! Removable batteries make the operation a breeze. Have extra batteries charging at all times, changing the battery is lightning fast.

If you own a restaurant or you are looking for to start one, you know at least by now, after these dreadful times of pandemic, that to keep the business running, sometimes you need to go where the customers are. Delivery isn’t just for pizzas. You can deliver normal restaurant dishes too, just use your imagination. Make a fine dining experience on the go for your customers. Give them a lunch service at their office.

Maybe you’re looking for the right tools to start a small parcel delivery business? Or you already have one, but you want to upgrade from your bicycles to faster and more productive means? The choice is yours and the options are limitless. [...]

Elektra KiDirt

Caution! Not for public roads!

KiDirt is for offroad use only. Cannot be registered for public road use.

Kids love to blast away in the pit with this monster. There isn’t any better feeling than to see the joy on your children’s face when you take him or her to drive in the afternoon. What can we say, this is the perfect machine to teach them how to drive.

KiDirt isn’t meant for public roads and cannot be registered for such. This is a dirtbike for children to learn how to drive, to learn motocross and to develop the driving skills with.

Elektra KiDirt (Kids Dirtbike) is the ultimate fun for the family. Remember to pack a snack with you too, as you won’t be getting the kids away from the pit until the battery runs out.

CAUTION! KiDirt is not recommended for parents who don’t want to spend time with their families.

Elektra XTrike

Transportation in a unique way, sightseeing like nowhere else

People transport with electric rickshaw!

It’s a warm and sunny summer day. You’re on your vacation in a new city and you have a few hours to spare. You would like to see the city, but you don’t know where to go. What would you like to do?

You don’t want to hop on a taxi, as those are expensive and just takes you from A to B, not so much as sightseeing. Tour buses go fast and don’t give you the feeling of being there rather than just driving by.

Then you see it. Rickshaw sightseeing tours with an eco-friendly electric moped, guaranteed to give you the feeling you’re after, to actually feel the city and not just drive by at a glance. An experience you will surely remember for years to come.

Are you looking for new business opportunities? Are you looking to expand your current fleet? Look no more, we have got [...]

Elektra Vagabond

Electric motorcycle made for the road

L3e motorcycle with 12kW peak power and the power-weight ratio to match the combustion engine rivals. Up to 200km range and a top speed of 120km/h.

The desire to get on the road is overwhelming. The burn in the veins that gets you every time. Freedom. The possibilities. Be one with the road, with a motorcycle that delivers.

We live in a jittery world; there are so many demands for our attention. If you are a person in a relationship with kids, a family, a job and ambitions, it may at times feel that everything you do is at the service of someone or something else – that every action you take is directed by something external.

On a motorcycle, it’s just you inside that helmet. You are in control of you, totally and completely. You feel the immediacy of your actions and decisions. The zen state pushes away anxiety about deadlines and bills to [...]

We decided to lower the price of the MX electric moped permanently.
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